Alpine Print Company is a apparel, graphic design, and branding facility based in Guelph, Ontario. With ability to ship worldwide, having done work for customers all over the world. We offer screenprinting, vinyl stickers, embroidery, design work, ecommerce and fufilment. We have abundant knowledge in many brand platforms, and would LOVE to share it with you.
We offer screenprinting on apparel, screenprinting on paper, embroidery, vinyl, dtf, dtg, even doing as much as ecommerce, branding, design work, and brand building.
Our minimum order is 25 pieces. At this time we cannot fit anything lower than that into our schedule.
We are located at 291 Woodlawn Road West, Unit 8b. Our unit has no signage, and is about half way down on the left hand side once you enter the strip mall.
Simply put, t-shirts are not a life or death situation. The phone disrupts our workflow, and stops you from doing what you're doing to call. We are an email based only print shop.

The phone requires an immediate response which with humans, is not the best response. A rushed response usually is one that creates a bandaid, rather than a solution. With an email, you can go back and look at it, review the information and create a perfect, helpful, respectful response. If you call us, chances are we will not answer. This is in order to serve you better, not ignore a problem
That's a case-by-case scenario answer, for sure! We've printed some items in the past where the details are so fine you need a loupe to see them!

Look at these details

Absolutely not, forget how screenprinting is remembered as an old technology. New inks, new processes, and new practices have made printing a very durable decoration tactic.
Our ink suppliers gaurantee ink longevity for 50 washes or more!
Both printing and embroidery have their uses. As a company who specializes in Client and Customer satisafaction using decoration instead of just printing - the easiest way to decide this is by use.
What are you using the product for?
Talk to one of our apparel experts and well make sure you know what works best for your situation. Generally the rule of thumb is that if you're going to do something with a few layers, say an insultated jacket or perhaps a windbreaker - embroidery is going to work best. Screenprinting can be used for MOST things, and has great durability. Printing is very process dependent. Wanna print some tees, a hoodie, maybe some tanks? Printing is going to be your best option!
Custom colours are matched using the photoshop eye dropper, which would choose the closest pantone colour. It is then checked in a physical colour space (meaning in the studio, using a pantone colour book to assure it's correct), and approved by the client. This requires extra steps, this also adds extra time to your turnaround time since an appointment will be neccesary if you do not have access to a Pantone Colour book.
Honestly, we can do tons of placements and up to 5 colours. Every extra color and location does add to the total cost per garment, but within reason, anything you want to do - we can likely accomplish.
We offer absolutely everything to take your product to a finished, retail ready product. Including hem woven tags, poly bagging, and inner care label printing. Ask us about it!
We do outsource these, however - we can help move this process along. We use a great company that we've trusted for years to create hem woven tags. They even send over a scanned sample to speed along the process! If you ask one of our apparel experts, we can quickly design one (if you don't have one designed already) and get the process moving on that. These start at $160 for 300 (the minimum) we have many tricks to make 1" flip hem woven tags usuable for tons of items though.